"Exceeding all of my expectations with toilet training so far and sleeping and playing lots. Thank you so much again!" - Sydney

"Someone admired how beautiful Buddy is and asked for your details. I highly recommended you and gave them your contact details. Buddy is GREAT, full of energy, affectionate, and so loyal. We all love him to bits. Thanks again." - Newcastle


"So affectionate and playful. She slept through the whole night last night! She's absolutely gorgeous and we're so excited to have her!" - Sydney

"She's so good with the potty. Every time I put her on the grass she knows to do her business. She has an awesome personality. She loves all the humans that she has met and the vaccinated dogs I have introduced her to. She is not scared at all. It's funny. She has so much confidence in some aspects but then cries whenever she can't see me. I'm sure she will grow out of that soon enough though. Thanks so much again for the little fluff ball. She's already brought so much joy to my life" - Sydney

"Mickey has settled in easily, more confident exploring and learning very fast. He has a lot to get used to Melbourne city life" - Melbourne

"The groomer we use has spoken to other customers asking about Cavoodles, and apparently other customers, having met Buddy at the groomers have also asked for your details. I shared your details with the groomer today. The major compliments are about his beautiful coat and wonderful nature. A credit to you" - Newcastle

"Piper has settled in nicely and is definately a character that has us all wrapped around her cuteness"- Melbourne

"Lots of people ask about her and enquire as to where I got her! Told them all how fantastic you were to deal with and how great Rowie is. She is growing up so fast, such a well behaved pup." - Port Lincoln, SA

"Miss Marlee is doing amazing, she is top of the class at puppy school and is the apple of everyone's eye whoever she meets, she definately loves to be social!

She has mastered the toilet training and is sleeping from 10pm to around 5am every day pretty much, she does have an Instagram page because she is far too cute for her not to share her adventures, you can see her @Marlee_from_Grafton so we wanted to say thanks again, clearly how you breed your puppies has helped us continue to have Marlee set up for success and the best possible life with us, although we have discovered car travels are not as much her thing she does get a little motion sickness but I'm sure it will get better. Thanks again, we really appreciate it."