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Are we ethical breeders?

As a member of the Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders (AAPDB)  we are committed breeders who care for and love dogs.

We undertake an annual animal focused, quality assurance welfare audit every six months. We also complete a full genetic screen of DNA testing on all our breeding dogs for every testable genetically inherited disease. This way we can be sure we plan appropriate matings and have the healthiest puppies possible. Our goal is to breed a healthy and happy companion that will have a long and healthy life in their forever home!

All our dogs receive premium veterinary care as well as high quality food, treats and supplements. They all receive lots of love and attention and as a result are all happy, healthy individuals! I have my cert IV in veterinary nursing and my motto is "Look after your animals properly or don't have them at all". I'm passionate about responsible pet ownership and provide lifetime support to all my puppy owners.


Whelping happens inside the home where Mum and pups can be comfortable and well supervised 24/7. Pups first venture outside at about 4-5 weeks old, at this stage they are starting to look for more stimulation. They get to run around on the grass in a playpen and sniff noses with some of our other dogs. At about 6 weeks of age they are ready to explore the whole backyard and boy do they love that!

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